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Audio – 1:15:55

The Material and Immaterial of the Archive (German, English)

With Barbara Kaufmann, Azusa Seyama, Ricardo Viviani, Marc Wagenbach, moderated by Ismaël Dia Original version Performance, Talk and Video, May 25, 2019

Audio – 0:59:50

Collecting the Archive of the Avant-Gardes (German)

With Egidio Marzona, Beatrice von Bismarck, moderated by Bernd Scherer Introduction: Marion Ackermann, Bernd Scherer German original version Lecture, Roundtable, May 25, 2019

Audio – 1:14:06

Imagining the Archival Institution (German, English)

With Beatrice von Bismarck, Marion Ackermann, Anton Belov, Olaf Nicolai, moderated by Bernd Scherer Original version Lecture, Roundtable, May 25, 2019

Audio – 0:02:29

Migrating the Archive

With Filipa César, Mohamad Shawky Hassan, Tamer El Said, moderated by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus English original version Panel, May 24, 2019

Audio – 1:29:52

Narrations and Displays of the Archive (German, English)

With Ann Laura Stoler, Marcelo Rezende Original Version Panel, May 24, 2019

Audio – 1:01:58

The Alternative Archive (German, English)

With Nora Sternfeld, Marcelo Rezende Original version Lecture and Conversation, May 24, 2019

Audio – 1:00:24

Sampling the Archive

With Lynnée Denise English original version Lecture Performance, May 24, 2019

Audio – 1:41:13

The Vulnerable Archive

With Graciela Carnevale, Thokozani Mhlambi, Sneha Ragavan, moderated by Antonia Alampi, Bonaventure S. B. Ndikung English original version Panel, May 23, 2019

Audio – 1:10:49

The Art of the Archive

With Sven Spieker, Vadim Zakharov English original version Lecture and Presentation, May 23, 2019

Audio – 0:53:21

Pina Bausch Foundation: Tiny Desk Lecture (German)

With Bernhard Thull, Ismaël Dia German original version May 21, 2019

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