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Baldwin, BLM, and “Black Antisemitism”

With Ben Ratskoff, Hannah Black and René Aguigah Moderated by Emily Dische-Becker In German and English with simultaneous translation in each language Discussion, June 10, 2022

Video – 2:06:52

Clashing Presents: Memory and Oblivion in Times of Extinction

With Orit Halpern, Stephen Himson, Sophia Roosth, Mark Williams and Matthew C. Wilson Original version Presentations, discussions, May 21, 2022

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Core Readings: West Flower Garden Bank Reef and Flinders Reef

Part 4 of 4 With Neal Cantin, Kristine L. DeLong, Sophia Roosth, Mark Williams, Jens Zinke Original version May 19, 2022

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Ten Years of 9/11 | Elias Khoury - A Decade of Misunderstanding

Ten years of 9/11 Politics, Language, Images in the 21st Century 2011, May 28, Sat — 2011, May 29, Sun Opening keynote: A Decade of Misunderstanding