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Nightingala | On Music

With David Rothenberg and Tina Roeske English original version Podcast, April 2022

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Living Space | On Music

With Michael E. Veal English original version Podcast, March 2022

Audio – 0:37:00

Techno at the End of the Future, Episode 1: London | On Music

With DeForrest Brown, Jr., Steve Goodman (a.k.a. Kode9) and Nkisi English original version Podcast, September 2021

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Politics of the Dance Floor: Reset | On Music

The producer, performer and astrophysicist houaïda speaks with the founder of an independent communications agency Melissa Taylor, the label manager Nicky Böhm and the DJ and musicologist He Zhao about social change and the responsibility of the dance community. English original version Podcast, December 2020

Audio – 1:15:40

Politics of the Dance Floor: Sustainability | On Music

Community organizer Sarj Lynch hosts the second episode of the Politics of the Dance Floor podcast and discusses sustainability in club culture with Camille Barton, Avril Ceballos and Konstanze Meyer. English original version Podcast, October 2020

Audio – 1:21:55

Politics of the Dance Floor: Solidarity | On Music

In the first episode of the Politics of the Dance Floor podcast, Erkan Affan speaks with Yuko Asanuma, Lakuti and Jay Jay Revlon about solidarity. They discuss participation, the advantages and disadvantages of online DJ sets and why it’s always work to show solidarity with others. English original version Podcast, July 2020

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Howie Lee in conversation with Antonio Roberts

English original version Artist talk, Nov 24, 2019

Audio – 2:54:31

Digital Music Ecosystems: From Fair Trade to Smart Contracts

With Keith Nurse, Joey Akan, Carlotta de Ninni, Peter Harris, moderated by Andrea Goetzke English original version Talks, discussion, Nov 24, 2019

Audio – 1:08:56

Roundtable: Reshaping Regulations

With Niva Elkin-Koren, Rasmus Fleischer, Joe Karaganis, Martin Kretschmer, Femke Snelting, Kimberlee Weatherall, moderated by Andrea Goetzke English original version Panel, Nov 23, 2019

Audio – 1:20:38

Blank Paper: New Frameworks for Music?

Moderated by Andrea Goetzke, Till Kreutzer English original version Presentation, Nov 22, 2019

Audio – 1:29:45

Informal Archiving: Crate-Diggers, Selectors, Reissues

With Mark Gergis, Temi Kogbe, Brian Shimkovitz, Elodie A. Roy, Michael E. Veal, moderated by Florian Sievers English original version Inputs, discussion, Mar 24, 2019