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Nightingala | On Music

With David Rothenberg and Tina Roeske English original version Podcast, April 2022

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Living Space | On Music

With Michael E. Veal English original version Podcast, March 2022

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The Sound of Distance

Concerts, sound installations, talks Oct 21–24, 2021

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Techno at the End of the Future, Episode 1: London | On Music

With DeForrest Brown, Jr., Steve Goodman (a.k.a. Kode9) and Nkisi English original version Podcast, September 2021

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By Nicholas Bussmann Exhibition, performances, Aug 26–Sep 19, 2021

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Politics of the Dance Floor: Reset | On Music

The producer, performer and astrophysicist houaïda speaks with the founder of an independent communications agency Melissa Taylor, the label manager Nicky Böhm and the DJ and musicologist He Zhao about social change and the responsibility of the dance community. English original version Podcast, December 2020