The New Alphabet


Is it possible to imagine an overabundance of multifarious fields of languages, knowledge production, and learning practices beyond one universal matrix? Can common reference points and collective action be enabled without monopolistic force? How can knowledge be both situated and globally relevant?

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Video – 0:10:38

SOTE: Synthetic Wood

feat. Mazda Damadi (tonbak) and Arash Bolouri (video)

Video – 0:12:09

Guido Möbius: Zwiefacher

feat. Andrea Belfi (hihat) and Bettina Weber (violin) Video: Anna Shirin

Video – 2:23:08

New Alphabet School #4 Caring (German, English)

Original version Conversation, audio, Jun 12, 2020

Video – 0:12:58

Barbara Morgenstern: Der Witz

Thanks to Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Potzlow-Lindenhagen

Video – 0:05:45

Meridian Brothers: Bucles y operadores en gran confrontación (presentando al Aparato del progreso)

Aparato del progreso built by Eblis Álvarez and Mateo Rivano Camera: Bibiana Rojas

Video – 1:24:04

Panel: Life after Music Magazines – the Norient Way

With Jenny Fatou Mbaye, Faisal M. Khan, Bryan Little, Kamila Metwaly, Ali Gul Pir English original version Mar 5, 2020

Video – 0:30:06

Anja Kovacs: The Fact or the Matter? On Returning Bodies to Data Governance

Part of “New Alphabet School #3 Coding” English original version Lecture, Jan 16, 2020

Video – 0:32:03

Felix Stalder: De-Coding Opacity

Part of “New Alphabet School #3 Coding” English original version Lecture, Jan 16, 2020

Video – 0:22:56

Introduction: New Alphabet School #3 Coding

With Dr. Berthold Franke, Rahul Gudipudi, Bernd Scherer English original version Jan 16, 2020

Video – 0:42:35

Discussion: New Alphabet School #3 Coding

Part of “New Alphabet School #3 Coding” With Anja Kovacs, Felix Stalder, moderated by Rahul Gudipudi English original version Jan 16, 2020

Audio – 0:32:22

Discussion: Campus Utopianism and its Discontents

With Sabine Bitter, Helmut Weber, Francesco Zuddas, moderated by Tom Holert English original version Dec 1, 2019