Labour in a Single Shot

2015, Feb 26 — Apr 6

Exhibition, Conference, Workshops

Drawing on the Lumière brothers’ „Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory“ Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki initiated workshops in 15 cities worldwide, in which short one-shot-videos on the topic of labor were produced. In this exhibition these films will be on show, displayed in associative clusters drawing fine lines in-between the single works. The accompanying conference (Feb 26–28) delves into the phenomenon of work and labor in all its multiple global extensions analyzing ways of filmic concentration and their discursive potentials. One day of commemoration is dedicated to Harun Farocki and his legacy.

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Gallery – 38 pictures

Labour in a Single Shot

Exhibition, Conference, Workshops 2015, Feb 26, Thu — 2015, Apr 06, Mon