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Democracy Lecture 2016: Paul Mason – After Capitalism?!

Democracy Lecture 2016
Tue, Apr 5, 2016

Ever since the Lehman Brothers’ collapse we know that global capitalism was hit hard. What we don’t know: Is this just another of its usual crises or the dawn of a post-capitalist era? The British author Paul Mason is convinced that we stand at the threshold of something radically new.

Through digital networking and democratic socialization, we can build a fairer and sustainable society on the ruins of neoliberalism. After Thomas Piketty (2014) and Naomi Klein (2015), Blätter is dedicating its third Democracy Lecture to the question of our post-capitalist future. Following the lecture by Paul Mason, he will be joined for a discussion by the economist and activist Friederike Habermann, the spokesperson of the Chaos Computer Club Frank Rieger and Blätter co-editor Hans-Jürgen Urban. Their talk will be moderated by Mathias Greffrath.
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