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(Un-)Learning Tracks

purely linguistic meaning. In an almost limitless expanding sphere of culture it has moved into the

Sa 20.06.2015


Workshop, Lesung, Diskussion, Performance
, Sînziana Păltineanu und Jenna Sutela When You Moved: A video by Jenna Sutela, 2014 | (Videostill) | © Jenna

Sa 7.11.2009

Shailja Patel

Re/Visionen: Poesie, Spoken-Word, Widerstand
Andere Veranstaltungen 2009
einzutreten. „Stunning and politically charged theatre that will leave you moved, awakened, angry ... inspired

Korea, a Country without Religion?

the main temple of Poch’ón-gyo was moved and rebuilt as the center of Korean Buddhism. Among the new

Sick Bodies and the Political Body: The Political Theology of Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Cemetery of Splendor

doctor parents and that he moved from Bangkok to Isaan, following his parents’ move. This background

Every Cat in History is I

saw the party, it moved away and then disappeared. And Sri Tri Buana inquired of all those who were

The Phantom of
“Minjok Art”

between older generations and mine. Since I moved to the Gangnam area in my early teens, the gaps between

Three Tigers

, moved by the wind, and the dark images resume to black. Phillip Warnell, Ming of Harlem: Twenty One