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Nature’s Kill Switch

economic logic. As with nearly all of his literary works, in even this most abstract and philosophical text

A Thousand Asian Tigers:
Contested Modernity and the Image of History

in South Korea, known as an “economic miracle,” which achieved its rapid and accelerated economic

Sa 31.01.2015

unEarthing unMonastery: An introduction to the unMonastery and its BIOS

Präsentation, Discussion
transmediale 2015
dependency chains and economic fictions. The first unMonastery opened its doors February 2014 in Matera

The Fugitive Reflex:
Autonomy and Sublimation after Zomia

predictability of a single resource (timber); the stunning but short-lived economic success of this “radical

Staat 1–4

Kräften, die sich jedes Jahr beim World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos versammeln mit dem selbsterklärten

The Mind and the Body:
A Chinaman’s Chance

the logic of retired statesman Bill Clinton, the globalist, neoliberal economic system as nihilism has

Fr 29.08.2014

Wirtschaft, Gemeinwesen und Zukunftsfähigkeit

20 Jahre Demokratie in Südafrika
das Black Economic Empowerment? Wie kann den zunehmenden Sorgen im Hinblick auf den Klimawandel (...)
informelle Wirtschaft und welche könnte sie spielen? Wie erfolgreich ist das Black Economic Empowerment

2 or 3Tigers

economic restriction drives colonial expansion and reifies an annihilating violence in the form of the

Fr 1.11.2013

Engagement, Widerstand und Imagination

Vorträge, Gespräch, Lecture-Performance und Diskussion
A Journey of Ideas Across
Wirtschaftswissenschaftler und Politikkommentator aus Indien. Er war Professor am Centre for Economic Studies and Planning

Bonds: Schuld, Schulden und andere Verbindlichkeiten

und sichtbar gemacht. Mit dem Theaterstück »Economics of Good and Evil: The Quest for Economic Meaning

Taxidermy of Time: Tigers as the Chronotope of Continual Coloniality in Korea

the “Brown Memorandum” for the sake of economic aid from the US. From 1965 to 1973, over 320,000 South

Every Cat in History is I

time for nation-building and economic consolidation. 33 In order to sustain this booming economy

Mi 19.09.2007

Politik der transatlantischen Beziehungen

New York
die Erwartungen an die USA. Jeremy Rifkin, Publizist und Leiter der Foundation on Economic Trends in (...)
USA. Jeremy Rifkin, Publizist und Leiter der Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington, verö

Three Tigers

by human scientific curiosity or economic interest in other species, but were often shaped by the


European Union - India Economic Cross Cultural Programme und des Hauptstadt Kulturfonds gefördert. Die

Do 15.11.2007


re:place 2007
Policy and Socio-economic Factors Renata Sukaityte (LT): Electronic art in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania