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Anthropocene Observatory: Danksagung

Economic Growth, Delhi — Manoj Panda, Amita Baviskar — Ravi Agarwal — Amar Kanwar —Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica

(Un-)Learning Tracks

working body already constituted as an economic-technological force, the human body might be conceived of

Sa 23.11.2019

Roundtable: Reshaping Regulations

Right the Right
of Economic History, Stockholm University), Martin Kretschmer (School of Law, University of Glasgow (...)
, Columbia University), Rasmus Fleischer (Department of Economic History, Stockholm University),...

Sa 23.11.2019

Copyright Politics in the Age of Platform Capitalism

Right the Right
Karaganis (The American Assembly, Columbia University), Rasmus Fleischer (Department of Economic History

Call for Participation: Rethinking Copyright and Related Frameworks for Music

legal environment of music, given the current economic and social systems, how would you do it? How

Elena Esposito

& Society, 2017 sowie The structures of uncertainty. Performativity and unpredictability in economic

Achille Mbembe

for Social and Economic Research der University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Er hat an der

Kelly Gillespie

, ein Projekt zur Theorie des Südens am Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research, Johannesburg

Amita Baviskar

Amita Baviskar Amita Baviskar ist Associate Professor für Soziologie am Institute of Economic

Öffentliches Wissen

Öffentliches Wissen Anthropocene Campus | ©Sera Cakal Amita Baviskar (Institute of Economic Growth

Keith Breckenridge

Institute for Social and Economic Research sowie einer der Herausgeber von The Journal of African History

Anna Tsing

economic, cultural, and ecological dilemmas of our times. She is the author of The Mushroom at the End of

Stéphane Grumbach

, particularly on intermediation platforms, which transform data to create new economic and societal means

Filtering the Anthropocene

, Canberra), und Amita Baviskar (Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi). Weiterführende Informationen zum

About "The European Dream" by Jeremy Rifkin

languages. The book won the prestigious Corine International Book Prize in Germany in 2005 as best economic

Masahiro Terada

) as a research fellow. Started as a socio-economic historian of 18th and 19th century, his research

Mi 3.02.2016

Hello, City! A Live Cinema Performance of Where the City Can't See

Hybrid Event / Co-Curricular
transmediale/ conversationpiece
zusammengesetzt ist. Der Film spielt in der chinesisch kontrollierten Detroit Economic Zone (DEZ) und wurde mit

Fr 7.12.2012

Tomáš Sedláček: Economics of Good and Evil

Bonds: Schuld, Schulden und andere Verbindlichkeiten
Fr, 07. Dezember 2012 Tomáš Sedláček: Economics of Good and Evil The Quest for Economic Meaning (...)
The Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street

Beyond Multiculturalism? - Biografien

. Zuvor war er Direktor des Economic & Social Research Council (UK) sowie des Centre on Migration, Policy

Partner und Team 2014

), Amita Baviskar (Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi), Elena Bougleux (Research Center on Anthropology