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    Mon, Mar 28, 2011
    8 pm

    Alice 5.0.

    vexing puzzle: what is vision, and what is reality? What is documentary, what is staged? Labor

    Wed, Feb 15, 2012

    The Mirror Never Lies

    up on her father. But in reality she’s only trying to go on living in spite of her loss. One day a Generation Kplus
    Berlinale at the HKW 2012

    Tue, May 3, 2011
    7 pm

    Multikultur 2.0.

    For decades, Germany refused to accept the reality that it was a land of immigration. The debate (...)
    For decades, Germany refused to accept the reality that it was a land of Book presentation
    WortWelten 2011

    Sat, Jul 30, 2011
    10 pm


    herd of sheep, but that can only become a reality if his marriage is accompanied by a considerable Film
    Wassermusik: Desert

    Fri, Sep 9, 2011
    8 pm

    Unter Schnee (World première)

    triad of theater, poetry and reality. A film for all who wish to take a journey to a mysterious and slow Film
    Floating Food

    Wed, Dec 2, 2015
    11 am

    The Capitalism Tribunal

    quality, but one’s own experience of economic reality. Permitted are e.g. indictments against events Press and public conference

    Sat, Jul 31, 2010
    8.30 pm

    retroViSOR (Colombia)

    . Audio collages like their CD "Amazonas S.O.S." make a realistic unreal slice of Colombian reality Concert
    Wassermusik: DanubeAmazonNile

    Thu, Sep 23, 2010
    9.30 am

    Emily Gravett (Great Britain) presents "Monkey and Me" and some of her further children's books

    between reality and imagination. It is not rare to find an unexpected turn at the end of the story that (...)
    of narrating children's adventures between reality and imagination. It is not rare to find an Reading
    10th international literature festival berlin 2010

    Sun, Jun 21, 2009
    5 pm

    Tanja Ostojic, Serbia/Germany

    Gustave Courbet's renowned painting – she brings reality into art. Tanja Ostojic presents her work in this IN TRANSIT Lectures
    In Transit 09

    Fri, Oct 10, 2008
    8 pm


    reporter Henry Nxumalo knows that alcohol and jazz pubs cannot whitewash reality. He endangers himself and Film
    African Screens - New Cinemas from Africa

    Fri, Jun 19, 2009

    Mapa Teatro, Colombia

    semblance to reality is purely coincidence. Mapa Teatro brilliantly and entertainingly combines deep insight Cabaret
    In Transit 09

    Fri, Apr 25, 2008
    8 pm

    Safar e Ghandehar

    Reality in Afghanistan is itself surreal,’ says the director. Presented in a story about an exile Re Asia

    Sun, Apr 27, 2008
    5 pm

    Grave of the Fireflies

    , as in paintings, with brushstrokes – contrast with a brutal reality. Two orphans try to survive in a Re Asia

    Sun, Feb 3, 2013
    4 pm

    BWPWAP Desire

    hallucination's binding energy”; at which point, metaphorically speaking, the nuts and bolts that hold reality Keynote
    transmediale 2013

    Mon, Feb 11, 2013
    2 pm


    history. Skins is suffused with the history and contemporary reality of its location at Pine Ridge NATIVe - Indigenous Cinema
    Berlinale at the HKW 2013

    Sat, Jul 21, 2012
    10 pm

    Jende Ri Palenque + El vuelco del cangrejo (Crab Trap)

    from the reality of Columbia." Walking a thin line between fiction and documentary, the film portrays a Film
    Wassermusik: South_South

    Première Brasil 2010

    turned reality’, which from today’s perspective seems little more than illusion. Public talks with Ilda

    Floating Food

    the artist’s cosmos: a cross between Kabuki and the poetry and reality of this snowy land. The dance

    Berlin Documentary Forum 3

    Film narrative reality (...)
    fabrication of social reality and the shaping of lived experience. It proposes that storytelling be understood (...)

    Wassermusik: Lusofonia

    few hours later by Zeca Afonso’s “Grândola, vila morena” – and the Carnation Revolution was a reality