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    Susana Caló

    language, semiotics and politics, drawing on the work of Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze. She has a

    Publication: Far Near Distance

    2004 382 pages, b/w and coloured illustrations Language: English/German ISBN: 3-9808851-4-3 Price

    Podcast: Whose Universal? | The White West

    The legacies of colonialism tend to find expression in a language that contemporary audiences find

    The 2022 Shortlist

    the reader’s consciousness. They reveal language itself. They illuminate our understanding of

    Contributors: Luc Steels

    ), conducting research in knowledge representation, language processing, and robotics. In 1996 he became the

    Maxim Ossipow | Birgit Veit: Nach der Ewigkeit

    the language in which they were written, the vivacity of this prose, its agility, its tempo. Birgit

    Han Kang | Ki-Hyang Lee: Die Vegetarierin

    language is transmitted without compromise between the stoic surface and the simmering underlying forces of

    Teju Cole: Open City

    , without ignoring the specific options and characteristics of the German language. Employing the registers

    Zoltán Danyi | Terézia Mora: Der Kadaverräumer

    – atrocities so monstrous that his very language seems soaked in their violence. Terézia Mora’s accomplished

    Sun, Nov 13, 2022
    4.45 pm

    A Sound Civilization

    language and technical interfaces between control, music and corporeal knowledge. Journalist and performer Lectures & Panel
    Cosmic Awakening

    Contributors: Petar Bojanić

    Jovan, 2013), Semantics of Statebuilding: Language, Meanings and Sovereignty (ed. with Vojin Rakić et al

    Contributors: Padmini Chettur

    shifted the choreographic tradition to a minimalistic language and visually translated philosophical

    Contributors: Interrobang

    performs on German-language stages and at international festivals such as the Heidelberg Stückemarkt

    Contributors: Ernst Kausen

    overview of the world’s language groups and their relationships.

    Contributors: Lulendo

    alternates between Portuguese, Lingala, French and his native language Kikongo. A noted guest on the album is

    Contributors: Éric Sadin

    Éric Sadin is a writer and philosopher whose work deals with the relations between arts, language

    Contributors: Annette Wilke

    Annette Wilke is a researcher in the aesthetics of religion with a focus on language and sound in

    Contributors: Yucef Merhi

    devices. The resulting artworks expand the limitations of language and the traditional context of poetry

    Internationaler Literaturpreis: Hans Christoph Buch

    Slavic language and literature at the University of Bonn and the FU Berlin. In 1972, he completed his

    100 Years of Now, Contributor: Lena Stolze

    Lena Stolze is an actress and lives in Berlin. After studying art history and German language and

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