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Starting in September 2017

Träumende Kollektive. Tastende Schafe (Staat 3)

By Daniel Wetzel (Rimini Protokoll)

In the third part of the tetralogy Staat 1-4, Daniel Wetzel at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden considers the question of what forms of participation and democracy are relevant today.

1990 was a watershed year: After the fall of the Berlin wall, the Cold War ended with the unification of the two German states. Some even dreamed of an “end of history.” It was also the year that the Internet was opened to commercial use, thus becoming one of the first pan-German collective experiences, making its mark on the world of work, social communications and relationships with political institutions. Between 2000 and 2010, the numbers of Internet users in Germany grew by nearly two-thirds. How does the generation born in the ‘00s, networked with the whole world, handle issues concerning personal, social and political identity? What expectations does this generation have of the mechanisms of democratic decision-making? Is the nation-state becoming ever less important thanks to the multiple forms of communication the Internet provides?

A production by Rimini Protokoll and the Staatsschauspiel Dresden as part of 100 Years of Now.