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Starting May 12, 2017

Gesellschaftsmodell Großbaustelle (State 2)

By Rimini Protokoll

Emscher-Baustelle (construction site) | Oberhausen Osterfeld Süd, Germany | © Mikko Gaestel

Emscher-Baustelle (construction site) | Oberhausen Osterfeld Süd, Germany | © Mikko Gaestel

BER airport and the opera in Berlin, the Hamburg philharmonic, the “never-ending” A3 freeway project in Italy: What do the ubiquitous major construction sites – the hidden choreographies of delayed completions and cost adjustments, the complex interdependencies of countless stakeholders behind the scenes, the invisible connections in the entire world – divulge about our society?

Following Top Secret International (State 1) about global secret services, in their second production in the tetralogy about post-democratic phenomena, Rimini Protokoll deal with large construction sites as models for the current constitution of society. At the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, which is currently hidden behind the scaffolding and cranes of an adjacent construction site, Rimini Protokoll translate the interlaced network of international investors, construction consortiums, contractees and contractors, outsourced suppliers and undocumented workers into a large, navigable social model. Often working at cross purposes, with their life stories and opinions everyone at the construction site – from city planner to foreman – has their say, thereby exemplifying the global labor market in a fascinating way.

A production by Rimini Protokoll and the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus as part of 100 Years of Now