The Resources of Modernity
2016 – 2019

Resources are not only of a material nature; ideas and concepts, frame narratives and traditions of practical knowledge are also among the (immaterial) resources of a culture. What are the resources of cultural canonization processes? This year, the long-term project Kanon-Fragen is searching for answers with two exhibitions on site at HKW and further exhibitions in Portugal and Brazil.

Kanon-Fragen by HKW examines the architectures of historical narratives and the foundations of institutional canon formation. Exhibitions and events for Kanon-Fragen are conceived by Anselm Franke, head of the Department of Visual Arts, in curatorial collaborations with Irene Albers, Diedrich Diederichsen, Nida Ghouse, Paz Guevara, Tom Holert, Sonja Lau, Antonia Majaca, David Teh, Su Wei and others.