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Nikolaus Gansterer, Theory Casing IV (of the Middle of the Moment), 2013 | wooden sticks, sticking tape, polystyrene balls, ca. 130 x 80 x 80 cm | Courtesy the Artist

Director Bernd Scherer on the program Sep/Oct:

“What might have happened if...? What after-effects do buried perceptions have? Why are we here today? With its long-term project 100 Years of Now, HKW is undertaking a sort of poetic historiography. The exhibition Art Without Death: Russian Cosmism delves into the cosmist imagination of Russian artists and scientists. They perceived the universe as field for humanity, art and technology as vehicles for immortality. What do these past dreams of the future say about our times? Over three weekends, Why Are We Here Now? maps the southern and eastern Mediterranean region in time and space: from Ottoman rule to the Lebanese civil war to Aleppo as it lives on in memory. Träumende Kollektive. Tastende Schafe (State 3) explores democracy in the digital age.”