Director Bernd Scherer on the program Jul/Aug:

“Authoritarian movements, on the rise worldwide, degrade language and manipulate historiography. Under the pressure of real-time communication sense and meaning are disappearing – also in democratic societies. This year the HKW will be presenting its Internationaler Literaturpreis under the motto “Reclaim your Fictions”. The focus will be on writers and their translators who stake out idiosyncratic visions of the world, creating new spaces with words. The long-term project Kanon-Fragen gives archives a voice, while the Wassermusik festival, now in its tenth year, celebrates the wide world of sounds on Berlin’s prettiest roof terrace. And towards the end of the summer the exhibition Art Without Death takes a look at the forgotten utopias of Russian Cosmism around 1900 – a contribution to the pluralization of history writing.”